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Chris Sumner

Chris Sumner

Chris Sumner was the Editor-in-Chief of Lab Expectations. When he's not reading/writing about curing disease, he's hiking in the woods, playing guitar, or searching for the world's best lobster roll.

Recent Posts:

Neurodegeneration: Tau Protein and Neurofibrillary Tangles

Tau is a microtubule-associated protein expressed predominantly in the parts of the brain that funct...
Chris Sumner Feb 10, 2021

Introduction to Metabolism

Cellular metabolism encompasses all of the chemical processes that occur within cells to maintain ho...
Chris Sumner Feb 3, 2021

What Is Neurodegenerative Disease?

Neurodegeneration is marked by the progressive loss of neuronal function and structure leading to co...
Chris Sumner Jan 20, 2021

2021 Preview

It’s the start of another exciting year of Lab Expectation articles. What can you expect from us in ...
Chris Sumner Jan 6, 2021

Seeding Labs Gives Old Lab Equipment a Second Life

As stewards of the planet, we’re always trying to find ways to reduce our corporate carbon footprint...
Chris Sumner Sep 23, 2020

The Science Behind CST Antibody Sampler Kits

If one were asked to describe a Cell Signaling Technology (CST) antibody sampler kit, we would total...
Chris Sumner Apr 29, 2020

2020 CiteAb Awards: Antibody Supplier of the Decade & Antibody Supplier Succeeding in Alzheimer's Research

We’re honored to win two CiteAb awards in 2020: Antibody Supplier of the Decade and Antibody Supplie...
Chris Sumner Mar 11, 2020

Introduction to the Hallmarks of Antibody Validation

Antibodies are essential reagents that support all levels of scientific research. Used in a multitud...
Chris Sumner Jan 15, 2020

Coming to Lab Expectations in 2020

The start of a new year is always a crazy time. There’s plenty to look back on and celebrate, things...
Chris Sumner Jan 1, 2020

4 Situations Where Flow Cytometry Might Be More Useful Than Western Blotting

Western blotting is used to detect proteins and analyze their expression using antibodies, but it do...
Chris Sumner Dec 4, 2019

Critical Considerations for Optimizing Imaging Mass Cytometry

Understanding the microenvironment of disease is critical for the success of targeted therapies. For...
Chris Sumner Nov 20, 2019

Behind the Antibodies - Interview with a Development Scientist

Have you ever wondered about the minds behind our antibodies? We talk a lot about validation, specif...
Chris Sumner Oct 16, 2019

The Guide to the Hallmarks of Cancer Research Targets

If you haven’t heard already, it’s CST’s 20th anniversary. Woohoo! You could say this year is kind o...
Chris Sumner Oct 9, 2019

20 Years of Research, Reagents, and Lasting Relationships

Today marks 20 years of impact in scientific research and community support. We haven't done this al...
Chris Sumner Oct 1, 2019

Hallmarks of Cancer: Genome Instability and Mutation

Not all cancer cells are equal, they evolve in response to selective pressure driven by accumulation...
Chris Sumner Aug 28, 2019

Hallmarks of Cancer: Tumor Promoting Inflammation

Cancer cells hijack inflammatory mechanisms to promote their own growth and survival. During a norma...
Chris Sumner Aug 21, 2019

Webinar | Linking Senescence with DNA Damage and the Cell Cycle

Gain insight into the processes by which senescent cells contribute to tumor suppression and age-rel...
Chris Sumner Aug 14, 2019

Hallmarks of Cancer: Activation Invasion and Metastasis

Cancer cells invade local tissue and spread to distant sites via two distinct, but similar processes...
Chris Sumner Jul 17, 2019

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