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Which Fluorophores Can I Combine in My Flow Cytometry Experiment?

Flow cytometry offers the exciting ability to detect and quantify multiple readouts per cell, enabli...
Rob MacDonald, PhD Apr 13, 2022

Antibody Staining Guide for Flow Cytometry

Getting started with flow cytometry or beginning to branch out from working solely with live cells t...
Rob MacDonald, PhD Mar 23, 2022

Tools for Classifying Cells and Identifying Protein Localization

When do I want to classify cells? Why do I care where a protein localizes? These are actually two di...
Andrea T Jan 26, 2022

Immunology: Which Cells Have a Lymphoid Lineage and How Are They Identified?

In humans, hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) continuously replenish all types of blood cells via a ser...
Emma E Jan 19, 2022

Why use viability dyes in flow cytometry experiments?

Viability dyes are widely used when counting and passaging cells, assessing chemical toxicity, and p...
Rob MacDonald, PhD Nov 17, 2021

Tools for Monitoring Cell State

Have you been wondering how to monitor a cell state or cellular response? From a basic research stan...
Andrea T Oct 6, 2021

4 Situations Where Flow Cytometry Might Be More Useful Than Western Blotting

Western blotting is used to detect proteins and analyze their expression using antibodies, but it do...
Chris Sumner Dec 4, 2019

IMC: Endless Possibilities to Understand the Microenvironment of Disease

Understanding the microenvironment of disease is critical. Targeted cancer therapies may not be effe...
Kris H Oct 23, 2019

Need cell type and function? Use flow cytometry!

What is flow cytometry and how is it used? Flow cytometry enables you to save time and analyze many ...
Tamar A May 8, 2019

When should I use flow cytometry for signaling instead of western blot?

Flow cytometry enables quantitative analysis of protein expression, signaling states, and physical c...
Chris Sumner Jan 9, 2019

Mastering Phospho-Flow: Immune Cell Activation Webinar

To characterize activation of immune cells, measurement of intracellular signaling using phospho-spe...
Chris Sumner Jul 11, 2018

Intracellular Flow Cytometry in Action

Traditionally, flow cytometry has been used to identify distinct cell types within a heterogeneous p...
Liana G Aug 12, 2015

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