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Tamar A

Tamar A

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Writing a Grant Part 8: What Are My Chances?

The late nights, the writer’s block, the last harried review of all of the components is finished. T...
Tamar A Sep 8, 2021

Writing a Grant Part 7: How to Interpret Summary Statement and Reviewer’s Critiques

You received your National Institutes of Health (NIH) scoring notice and hopefully 1) your grant got...
Tamar A Sep 1, 2021

Writing a Grant Part 6: Budget Justification, Letters of Support & More

Previous posts in the grant writing series have dealt with many of the different parts of the grant ...
Tamar A Aug 25, 2021

Writing a Grant Part 5: Smaller Application Components

It is a certainty that you have now spent, or should have spent, the majority of your time working o...
Tamar A Aug 18, 2021

Targeting TIGIT for Immunotherapy and T Cell Exhaustion

The evolution of solid tumor cancer treatment has historically centered on a tripartite approach tha...
Tamar A Feb 17, 2021

B Cell Basics: What a Disease Researcher Needs to Know

Changes in the activation of intracellular signaling networks downstream of B-cell receptors (BCR) l...
Tamar A Nov 18, 2020

T Cell Basics: What a Disease Researcher Needs to Know

T cells are highly specialized lymphocytes that play a critical role in the cell-mediated arm of the...
Tamar A Nov 11, 2020

Cell Process: Which markers can be used to identify cellular senescence?

In response to a variety of environmental factors – like ionizing radiation, exposure to chemotherap...
Tamar A Oct 14, 2020

Cell Process: What role does senescence play in disease?

Cellular senescence occurs when cells cease proliferation and irreversibly exit the cell cycle. Whil...
Tamar A Oct 7, 2020

Cell Process: What role do the telomeres play in senescence?

Senescence is a cellular state during which cells remain metabolically active, but irreversibly with...
Tamar A Sep 16, 2020

Cell Process: How is cellular senescence related to aging?

Senescence, the cessation of cell division and permanent withdrawal from the cell cycle, is a proces...
Tamar A Sep 9, 2020

Cell Process: What signaling pathways are associated with cellular senescence?

Senescence is the irreversible arrest of proliferation in response to a variety of cellular stressor...
Tamar A Aug 26, 2020

Cell Process: What is cell senescence?

Cellular senescence is a state of stable cell cycle arrest under which cells remain metabolically ac...
Tamar A Aug 12, 2020

How can recombinant proteins help researchers study SARS-CoV-2?

Although coronaviruses have long circulated throughout human populations, the study of these viruses...
Tamar A Aug 5, 2020

Cell Process: How is cytotoxicity assessed?

Changes in cellular health in response to exogenous stimuli can provide keen insight into the biolog...
Tamar A Jul 8, 2020

Cell Process: Seven Assays to Detect Apoptosis

Apoptosis is a highly regulated form of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms...
Tamar A Jul 1, 2020

Immunology: What are toll-like receptors and how do they invoke tumor tolerance?

Toll-like receptors (TLR) are transmembrane receptors that play a critical role in innate immune res...
Tamar A Jun 10, 2020

Immuno-Oncology: Can T Cells Be Re-trained to Attack Cancer?

The human immune system comprises an array of ingenious cellular components and mechanisms that coll...
Tamar A Jun 3, 2020

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