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Five Reasons to Choose a Conjugation Service Over an Antibody Labeling Kit

The need for antibody conjugation is on the rise due to the increased use of multiplexing. Not only ...
Alexandra Foley Mar 6, 2024

Application-Specific Antibody Validation: Finding an IHC-Validated Claudin-6 mAb

Developing research antibodies is an extensive process that takes advantage of an animal’s adaptive ...
Alexandra Foley Nov 15, 2023

IHC-Validated p16 INK4A Antibody: Jump-Start Your Senescence Research

Cell cycle regulation is vital to maintain tissue homeostasis and to prevent sustained proliferative...
Alexandra Foley Apr 19, 2023

CST® Antibodies Validated on the Leica Microsystems Cell DIVE Multiplexed Imaging Solution

True innovation comes from collaboration–from bringing experts together to create techniques and too...
Alexandra Foley Mar 15, 2023

World Cancer Day: A Global Call to Action

What is World Cancer Day? Most people will either be directly or indirectly affected by a cancer dia...
Alexandra Foley Feb 6, 2023

Streamline Cancer Biomarker Antibody Selection for IHC with this eBook

Biomarkers are naturally occurring molecules that can be used as indicators of a normal biological p...
Emma E Jun 9, 2021

Cell Process: What is cell viability and how can it be measured?

The health of cells in culture is critical to the success of your experiments. Have you ever been ex...
Tamar A Apr 15, 2020

Video: Can you trust your immunohistochemistry results?

Immunohistochemistry, or IHC, remains the simplest method for detecting biomarker expression while m...
Chris Sumner Jun 19, 2019

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