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Kenneth Buck, PhD

Kenneth Buck, PhD

A cell biologist by training, Ken received a PhD at Rutgers and continued as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale, where he studied cytoskeletal dynamics and signaling mechanisms involved in the cellular motility of regenerating neurons. At CST, Ken collaborates with scientists to create multimedia scientific communications. When he's not writing video scripts or in the studio, he can be observed in his natural habitat, mountain biking with colleagues on the rocky North Shore of Massachusetts.

Recent Posts:

A Guide to Successful Research Collaboration

Science is a combined effort that surpasses geographic and cultural boundaries. To solve complex glo...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Jun 5, 2024

The Peer Review Process: What Is It, and How to Suggest Reviewers

Peer review is the independent assessment of a manuscript by experts in related academic fields. It ...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Apr 10, 2024

Networking at Conferences: Five Tips for the Introverted Scientist

Networking is an important part of any research career,1 with many experts considering networking an...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Feb 28, 2024

How to Accurately Count Cells Manually or with an Automated Cell Counter

There are several situations in the lab where you’ll need to know the number of cells in a given vol...
Kenneth Buck, PhD May 17, 2023

Video: How to Choose Enzymatic or Sonication Protocol for ChIP

The success of your chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiment depends on the fragmentation of ...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Nov 6, 2019

Tech Tips Video: How much antibody should I use for ChIP?

It's time to check out another video from the CST Tech Tips playlist! In this edition of Tech Tips, ...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Nov 28, 2018

Myth-busting for ChIP/ChIP-seq: Using Mono vs Polyclonal Antibodies

Researchers who run a lot of chromatin immunoprecipitation "ChIP" assays—maybe even your advisor—mig...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Sep 26, 2018

Video: Understanding Macrophages in the Tumor Microenvironment

Research Trends in Macrophage Plasticity It’s an exciting time for immuno-oncology research, as pote...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Sep 19, 2018

Milk or BSA? How to Choose a Blocking Protein for Western Blot [Video]

So you've set the timer to five minutes for the first of three TBST washes for your western blot mem...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Sep 5, 2018

Q&A: From Signaling Pathways to Career Pathways

Each summer, college and high school interns at CST get a chance to sample work life in a biotech en...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Aug 15, 2018

Western Blot Normalization: Am I setting up my loading controls correctly?

You’re gathering data from all your experiments and preparing to present to your advisor and thesis ...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Nov 1, 2017

Have You Ever Wondered: What's The Lowdown on Phospho-Specific Antibodies?

Early exploration of unmapped biological signaling pathways was carried out using radiolabeled phosp...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Jul 26, 2017

Successful Immunofluorescence: Antibody Dilution & Incubation Conditions

Part four of a four-part series on successful immunofluorescence. Read Part 1: The Importance of Val...
Kenneth Buck, PhD May 10, 2017

Journal Club | Zika virus turns off Akt signaling to hijack autophagy in developing neural tissue

The Zika virus (ZIKV) is related to flaviviruses that cause dengue and yellow fever, and is spread v...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Mar 29, 2017

Successful Immunofluorescence: Fixation and Permeabilization

Part Three of a four-part series on successful immunofluorescence. Read Part 1: The Importance of Va...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Mar 15, 2017

Successful Immunofluorescence: Experimental Controls

Part two of a four-part series on successful immunofluorescence. Read Part 1: The Importance of Vali...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Mar 8, 2017

Successful Immunofluorescence: The Importance of Validation

Part 1 of a four-part series on successful immunofluorescence. Read Part 2: Experimental Controls, P...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Mar 1, 2017

Season's Greetings from CST!

The holiday season is traditionally marked by festive choral music, decorated cookies, and in recent...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Dec 21, 2016

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