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Carolyn P

Carolyn P

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Targeting Cancer Pathways - Tumor Metabolism and Proliferation

Cell Signaling Technology is proud to partner with the Koch Institute at MIT, Science, and Science S...
Carolyn P Jul 25, 2018

Targeting Cancer Pathways: Tumor Resistance

Cell Signaling Technology is proud to partner with the Koch Institute at MIT, Science, and Science S...
Carolyn P Oct 18, 2017

Webinar - Immunolabeling for Neurodegenerative Disease

This two part webinar features Dr. Li Huei Tsai from the Picower Institute at MIT and CST Developmen...
Carolyn P Oct 4, 2017

Discovery Through Validation: ChIP Assays

Cell Signaling Technology is proud to present the following On-Demand Webinar: The Use of Highly Val...
Carolyn P Aug 2, 2017

Reproducibility in Research Science - Join the Discussion.

Lack of reproducibility in scientific studies has been a major topic of conversation lately. It's an...
Carolyn P Jun 28, 2017

4 Steps to Better Immunohistochemistry: Steps 2, 3, and 4

This is part two of a two-part series on how to optimize your IHC protocols. Part one introduced the...
Carolyn P May 31, 2017

Four Steps to Better Immunohistochemistry: Step 1 - Antigen Retrieval

It’s Friday night and you could be out with your friends right now, but instead you’re tucked away i...
Carolyn P May 24, 2017

Webinar | Key Signaling Pathways in Cancer: Emerging Trends in Immunometabolism

Immune cells divide rapidly when mounting an immune response against a pathogen, for example, or whe...
Carolyn P Mar 22, 2017

The Potential of Proteomics: A Clear Path to Discovery | Part II

See a real life example of how PTMScan technology can facilitate translational discovery. In this sh...
Carolyn P Feb 22, 2017

How to Validate a Histone Modification Antibody

Antibodies targeted to histone modifications may bind non-specifically to similar, but off-target hi...
Carolyn P Feb 1, 2017

The Potential of Proteomics: A Clear Path to Discovery

Whether your lab is well-versed and equipped to do Mass Spec analysis in-house or your lab has never...
Carolyn P Jan 11, 2017

Webinar | Deciphering Cancer: Genomic Instability in Cancer

While it is well established that DNA damage can increase the risk of cancer, changes to the epigeno...
Carolyn P Nov 30, 2016

Three Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Next Immunofluorescence Experiment

Specificity, consistency, and optimized assay conditions are three key elements that help ensure rel...
Carolyn P Sep 7, 2016

The Reproducibility Crisis: An open letter from CST's Chief Scientific Officer

A Message from our Chief Scientific Officer, Roberto Polakiewicz, Ph.D. The time is now for the scie...
Carolyn P Aug 10, 2016

Webinar | Key Signaling Pathways in Cancer: Links to Developmental Biology

It is notable that the same pathways governing the cell growth, death, and differentiation decisions...
Carolyn P Jul 27, 2016

Investing in Our Communities and Promoting Science Education

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. ...
Carolyn P Jul 20, 2016

Roundtable Discussion on Antibody Validation

Antibody Validation Roundtable: Specificity + Sensitivity + Reproducibility = Validation Concerns ab...
Carolyn P Feb 17, 2016

Webinar | Targeting Cancer Pathways: Understanding Immune Checkpoints

In this webinar, the speakers will explore how tumors exploit immune modulatory mechanisms to genera...
Carolyn P Feb 3, 2016

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