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Supriya Singh, PhD

Supriya Singh, PhD

Supriya discovered her passion for science during a high school internship at a small biotech company. Ten years and a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology later, Supriya joined CST as a Product Scientist on a mission to ensure scientists are equipped with the highest-quality antibodies and technical support. After a fulfilling tenure as a Senior Product Scientist, Supriya joined Marketing to continue her mission of saving researchers from frustration by increasing awareness of the company's offerings.

Recent Posts:

A Quick Guide to Neuronal and Glial Cell Type Markers

The central nervous system (CNS) is composed of highly specialized cells, each of which play a key r...
Supriya Singh, PhD Jul 12, 2023

How do I choose a loading control for my western blot?

Think about the last time you generated western blot data. Did you find the predicted differences in...
Supriya Singh, PhD Feb 1, 2023

Loading Control Expression in Mouse Tissues

When it comes to mouse tissue samples, not all western blot loading control proteins are expressed e...
Supriya Singh, PhD Jun 24, 2020

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