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Katie C

Katie C

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Hallmarks of Validation - Complementary Strategies

Depending on the antigenic target being studied and the application being used, it may be advisable ...
Katie C Apr 8, 2020

Hallmarks of Validation - Heterologous Strategy

For antigenic targets where expression of the protein is very low or unknown, the use of recombinant...
Katie C Apr 1, 2020

Hallmarks of Validation - Multiple Antibody Strategy

A multiple antibody strategy is a powerful approach to antibody validation. One of the most common m...
Katie C Mar 18, 2020

Hallmarks of Validation - Orthogonal Strategy

An orthogonal strategy for antibody validation involves cross-referencing antibody-based results wit...
Katie C Mar 4, 2020

Hallmarks of Validation - Ranged Strategy

While a binary approach is one of the more desirable ways to evaluate antibody specificity, binary m...
Katie C Feb 19, 2020

Hallmarks of Antibody Validation - Binary Strategy

A binary approach is one of the best ways to evaluate antibody specificity. By testing an antibody i...
Katie C Jan 22, 2020

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