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April Lowell, PhD

April Lowell, PhD

April Lowell is a PhD molecular biologist and Scientific Marketing Writer at CST. When she's not reading and writing about cool new science topics, she's playing games with her family, baking, or catching up on the latest geek fandom.

Recent Posts:

Cell Signaling Technology® Products are Prevalent in CiteAb's Top Antibodies of 2022

Every summer, the scientific community waits with bated breath for CiteAb to reveal the 100 most cit...
April Lowell, PhD Nov 1, 2023

Mechanisms of Cell Death: Necrosis & Necroptosis

The thought of necrotic cell death might bring to mind images from an old horror movie, but as with ...
April Lowell, PhD Apr 28, 2021

Mechanisms of Cell Death: Pyroptosis

Under the category of necrotic cell death, there are many well-characterized, as well as some newly ...
April Lowell, PhD Apr 7, 2021

Mechanisms of Cell Death: Apoptosis

The death of a cell may be a more complex process than one might initially imagine. Cells expire in ...
April Lowell, PhD Mar 10, 2021

Immunology: How does the adaptive immune system work?

Have you ever wondered how people are able to develop immunity to specific diseases? This important ...
April Lowell, PhD Jul 29, 2020

Immunology: How Does the Innate Immune System Work?

As we touched upon in a previous blog post, the innate immune system is an important part of our bod...
April Lowell, PhD Feb 12, 2020

Masks and Protective Clothing Needed to Fight Coronavirus: How can we help?

We at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) have been paying close attention to news about the recent and ...
April Lowell, PhD Feb 5, 2020

Immunology Overview: How does our immune system protect us?

Scientists and medical professionals have been studying what makes us sick and the myriad mechanisms...
April Lowell, PhD Jan 8, 2020

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