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It's All about the Affinity

In 2012 Roux et al. published in the Journal of Cell Biology a pioneering approach to identify the i...

Case Study: Acetylated Lysine and Its Impact on Crohn’s Disease

Nature Communications recently published a novel study from the laboratory of Daniel Figeys at the U...
Charles F and Josh N Dec 16, 2020

Taking Out the Mitochondria in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease marked by loss of dopaminergic neurons in th...
Richard C and Yiying Z Jul 31, 2019

Webinar | Proteomics profiling of post-translational modifications in early drug discovery

Advances in mass spectrometry instrumentation and sample handling methods have propelled proteomics ...
Chris Sumner Mar 28, 2018

The Potential of Proteomics: A Clear Path to Discovery | Part II

See a real life example of how PTMScan technology can facilitate translational discovery. In this sh...
Carolyn P Feb 22, 2017

The Potential of Proteomics: A Clear Path to Discovery

Whether your lab is well-versed and equipped to do Mass Spec analysis in-house or your lab has never...
Carolyn P Jan 11, 2017

Simplifying Proteomics - Part I

After sequencing of the human genome was complete, it was time to roll up our sleeves and get starte...
Claire S Jun 15, 2016

Webinar - Simplify Proteomics

Post Translational Modification: Antibody Enrichment for Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics Continui...
Claire S Dec 16, 2015

Simplifying Proteomics - Part 3

Part 1 and part 2 introduced mass spectrometry-based proteomic methods, like PTMScan®, for the study...
Claire S Dec 9, 2015

Simplifying Proteomics - Part 2

Part 1 gave an overview on mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Now it’s time to talk about how this ...
Claire S Dec 2, 2015

PTMScan Tutorial Video

Simplifying proteomics part 1 introduced mass spectrometry-based proteomics for profiling post-trans...
Claire S Jun 10, 2015

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