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Tamar A

Tamar A

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Immunology: Which cells have a myeloid lineage and how are they identified?

During hematopoiesis in humans, cells of the myeloid lineage are derived from a common myeloid proge...
Tamar A May 27, 2020

9B11 Is a Superior Clone against Top-cited Myc-tag Competitor

Biological research is about expanding knowledge, so it's not uncommon for scientists to become inte...
Tamar A May 20, 2020

10 Must-have Markers for Senescence Research

Understanding when and why cell cycle arrest occurs is critical to many fields of research, includin...
Tamar A May 13, 2020

Cell Process - How is cell proliferation quantified?

The production of new cells through cellular proliferation impacts the development, growth, and main...
Tamar A Apr 22, 2020

Cell Process: What is cell viability and how can it be measured?

The health of cells in culture is critical to the success of your experiments. Have you ever been ex...
Tamar A Apr 15, 2020

Dual Staining Mouse CD8 and FoxP3 with Confidence

For decades, immunohistochemistry (IHC) has been a powerful technique for the investigation and visu...
Tamar A Sep 25, 2019

Preparing a ChIP-seq DNA library. Where do I start?

Chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq) is a flexible and powerful technique used by res...
Tamar A Sep 18, 2019

Visualize and Understand Protein Co-expression during EMT

Careful planning and the fine tuning of experimental protocols are key to ensuring clear, interpreta...
Tamar A Aug 7, 2019

Need cell type and function? Use flow cytometry!

What is flow cytometry and how is it used? Flow cytometry enables you to save time and analyze many ...
Tamar A May 8, 2019

Writing a Grant Part 4: Additional Details

Finally, the finish line is approaching! You have completed your specific aims, significance and inn...
Tamar A Nov 7, 2018

Writing a Grant Part 3: The Experimental Approach

In the previous post on grant writing, we described how to write an effective significance and innov...
Tamar A Oct 31, 2018

Writing a Grant Part 2: Significance and Innovation

The significance and innovation section is a recent (within the last 10 years) addition to the Natio...
Tamar A Oct 24, 2018

Writing a Grant Part 1: First Things First

So you’re thinking of writing a grant. Or maybe your mentor has politely suggested that it would be ...
Tamar A Oct 17, 2018

Academia, Industry, and Entrepreneurship…oh my!

Tamar Aprahamian is an interesting study in the professional opportunities available for young scien...
Tamar A Aug 22, 2018

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