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Why use viability dyes in flow cytometry experiments?

Viability dyes are widely used when counting and passaging cells, assessing chemical toxicity, and p...
Rob MacDonald, PhD Nov 17, 2021

A Tale of Two Stains: Ponceau S vs Coomassie Blue

You've just finished running your lysate sample by SDS-PAGE, so you're pretty confident your protein...

Loading Control Expression in Mouse Tissues

When it comes to mouse tissue samples, not all western blot loading control proteins are expressed e...
Supriya Singh, PhD Jun 24, 2020

Western Blot Normalization: Am I setting up my loading controls correctly?

You’re gathering data from all your experiments and preparing to present to your advisor and thesis ...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Nov 1, 2017

Fluorescent Staining Using Multiple Antibodies: Two Common Techniques

The use of multiple antibodies in a single experiment can provide useful information to researchers....
Tara W Sep 13, 2017

Four Steps to Better Immunohistochemistry: Step 1 - Antigen Retrieval

It’s Friday night and you could be out with your friends right now, but instead you’re tucked away i...
Carolyn P May 24, 2017

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