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Chris Sumner

Chris Sumner

Chris Sumner was the Editor-in-Chief of Lab Expectations. When he's not reading/writing about curing disease, he's hiking in the woods, playing guitar, or searching for the world's best lobster roll.

Recent Posts:

Responsible Science Podcast: Episode 3 - The Industry

We're excited to partner with Science: Disrupt to present a five-part podcast exploring what 'Respon...
Chris Sumner Jun 6, 2018

Responsible Science Podcast: Episode 2 - The Disruptors

We're excited to partner with Science: Disrupt to present a five-part podcast exploring what 'Respon...
Chris Sumner May 23, 2018

Shipping Temperature and Antibody Performance: You Asked. CST Answers.

Here at CST, we frequently get questions about the proper shipping temperature for antibodies. So we...
Chris Sumner May 16, 2018

Painless Publication: How to Write a Journal Abstract

Have you ever sat frozen at the keyboard, facing the due date for your abstract and asking yourself ...
Chris Sumner May 9, 2018

Responsible Science Podcast: Episode 1 - Overview

We're excited to partner with Science: Disrupt to present a five-part podcast exploring what 'Respon...
Chris Sumner Apr 25, 2018

Still in the Dark: AMD Patients Wait for Answers

In Mr. D’s sophomore English class, almost no subject was taboo or off limits. Even with our class p...
Chris Sumner Apr 11, 2018

Webinar | Proteomics profiling of post-translational modifications in early drug discovery

Advances in mass spectrometry instrumentation and sample handling methods have propelled proteomics ...
Chris Sumner Mar 28, 2018

Pi Day: More Popular Than You Might Figure

It's Pi Day! 3.14! π! We've celebrated before, but this year we wanted to do something bigger. Don't...
Chris Sumner Mar 14, 2018

Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to our CEO and founder Dr. Michael J. Comb, whom CiteAb has selected for a lifetime ...
Chris Sumner Feb 21, 2018

Romantic Reagents

It’s Valentine’s Day. You can’t put out that bowl of candy hearts because…NO FOOD IN THE LAB!!! Okay...
Chris Sumner Feb 14, 2018

Antibody Company of the Year (2018)

We as scientists learn from each success and failure. Sometimes it takes many failures to achieve su...
Chris Sumner Feb 7, 2018

Webinar | Achieving Reproducibility: Don't Let Antibodies Be a Variable in Your Experiment

The importance of antibodies as tools in scientific research studies cannot be understated, yet thes...
Chris Sumner Jan 10, 2018

Happy Holidays from CST!

It's hard to believe that another year is almost over. We hope you're having a lovely holiday season...
Chris Sumner Dec 27, 2017

Webinar | Validation of a Glycosylation-Independent Antibody Against the Cancer Stem Cell Marker CD133

ABSTRACT The cancer stem cell hypothesis postulates that a population of self-renewing tumor-initiat...
Chris Sumner Nov 22, 2017

Webinar | Post-translational Modification: Antibody Enrichment for Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics

PTMScan Proteomics: Identification and Quantification of Post-Translationally Modified Peptides Prot...
Chris Sumner Nov 15, 2017

🎶   Summertime and the livin's easy  🎶

Once a year, we slow the centrifuges, quit the cloning, and lose the lab coats, all in honor of rela...
Chris Sumner Aug 16, 2017

Webinar | Highly Multiplexed Single Cell Analysis of Tumor Heterogeneity through Time and Space by Mass Cytometry

The study of the tumor ecosystem and its cell-to-cell communications is essential to enable an under...
Chris Sumner Jun 21, 2017

Postcards from AACR

Cancer research is near and dear to our hearts, but so is having a good time. AACR is an annual oppo...
Chris Sumner May 17, 2017

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