Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted by Chris S on Feb 21, 2018 6:15:00 AM

Congratulations to our CEO and founder Dr. Michael J. Comb, whom CiteAb has selected for a lifetime achievement award. Dr. Comb likes fly-fishing in Alaska and rock climbing in Yosemite more than he likes the spotlight, but this award has given us the opportunity to acknowledge our fearless leader. CiteAb recognizes individuals from the research community for their dedication and contribution to the research reagent industry over a sustained period. Dr. Comb is being honored for his tireless efforts to build the best antibody technology in the world for researchers working to understand the molecular and cellular processes of disease.

Those nominating Dr. Comb spoke of his dedication to the core business of CST through efforts such as maintaining a focus on product reliability over quantity. Also, they noted his societal concerns, including his commitment to the preservation of the environment, installing solar energy at CST’s manufacturing facilities, recycling and composting programs, and making use of recyclable and compostable shipping materials.

Dr. Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “I really don’t think that anybody in this sector would dispute that Dr. Comb is incredibly worthy of this award, and the fact that the head of a leading competitor mentioned that he would be their choice makes it clear. To found and lead a company with such a focus on quality and deliver in such a successful way that their antibodies generate more citations than any other supplier, and to have been chosen as researchers’ favorite company shows how successful his company has been at achieving his aim.”

Here’s to Dr. Comb and the continued pursuit of scientific excellence at Cell Signaling Technology!

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