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ApoE4 and the Insulin Receptor — It's a Trap!

You might be surprised to learn that diabetes, a metabolic disease, may be linked to the neurodegene...
Richard Cho, PhD Aug 1, 2018

Missing Link: Why Do Insulin-producing Cells in Type 2 Diabetes Fail to Divide?

Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic, and is recognized as one of the most serious metabolic diseas...
Neha G Jan 17, 2018

Immunotherapy: Empowering Nature’s Anti-Tumor Artillery - Part I

Immunotherapy as an anti-neoplastic strategy has gradually claimed the spotlight over the past sever...
Liana G Dec 6, 2017

Journal Club: TREM2 Opens a Rabbit Hole of Questions for Alzheimer’s Researchers

It's almost time for the 2017 Society for Neuroscience meeting. To get your neurons excited for the ...
Richard Cho, PhD Nov 8, 2017

Journal Club: Hippo pathway and intestinal stem cell regeneration

Journal Club: YAP-dependent reprogramming of Lgr5+ stem cells drives intestinal regeneration and can...
Liana G Sep 20, 2017

Journal Club | The genomic address of bivalent nucleosomes

The activity of genes and their regulatory elements is, in part, governed by their cell type-specifi...
Liana G Apr 26, 2017

Journal Club | Zika virus turns off Akt signaling to hijack autophagy in developing neural tissue

The Zika virus (ZIKV) is related to flaviviruses that cause dengue and yellow fever, and is spread v...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Mar 29, 2017

CRISPR: Science Magazine’s 2015 Breakthrough of the Year

CRISPR, a nifty gene-editing tool, has swept the scientific community off its feet. It has a catchy ...
Liana G Mar 2, 2016

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