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2020 CiteAb Awards: Antibody Supplier of the Decade & Antibody Supplier Succeeding in Alzheimer's Research

We’re honored to win two CiteAb awards in 2020: Antibody Supplier of the Decade and Antibody Supplie...
Chris Sumner Mar 11, 2020

Behind the Antibodies - Interview with a Development Scientist

Have you ever wondered about the minds behind our antibodies? We talk a lot about validation, specif...
Chris Sumner Oct 16, 2019

20 Years of Research, Reagents, and Lasting Relationships

Today marks 20 years of impact in scientific research and community support. We haven't done this al...
Chris Sumner Oct 1, 2019

Building a Brighter Future with Energy Savings

CST is proud of our forward progress on UN COP 21 climate change goals as we are well into year thre...
Elias W May 15, 2019

Water Wise in the Lab

It probably comes as no surprise to you, since you work in a lab, that labs use five times the amoun...
Elias W Feb 20, 2019

From the Beaker to the Beach, pH Matters

Science is science, even if it's examining totally different aspects of nature like stem cell niches...
Elias W Sep 12, 2018

Product Scientist Q&A: From Bench Scientist to Benchtop Support

I’m a Product Scientist at Cell Signaling Technology (CST). My typical work day no longer looks like...
Kaitlin M Aug 29, 2018

Q&A: From Signaling Pathways to Career Pathways

Each summer, college and high school interns at CST get a chance to sample work life in a biotech en...
Kenneth Buck, PhD Aug 15, 2018

Earth Month: Conserving Everything but Enthusiasm at CST

Last year we organized a week’s worth of events for Earth Week, culminating with the international M...
Elias W May 30, 2018

Shipping Temperature and Antibody Performance: You Asked. CST Answers.

Here at CST, we frequently get questions about the proper shipping temperature for antibodies. So we...
Chris Sumner May 16, 2018

#Antibodies Go Social

It began with an Instagram pic of a 100 uL tube:
Tara W May 2, 2018

Rooftop Solar Comes to CST

Let’s face it, we are an energy-intensive industry. From ultra-low temperature freezers for storing ...
Elias W Feb 28, 2018

CST CEO Dr Michael Comb Wins CiteAb Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to our CEO and founder Dr Michael J. Comb, whom CiteAb has selected as the recipient...
Chris Sumner Feb 21, 2018

CST is the CiteAb 2018 Antibody Company of the Year!

We, as scientists, learn from each success and failure. Sometimes it takes many failures to achieve ...
Chris Sumner Feb 7, 2018

More Than Skin Deep: Improve Lab Sustainability with Glove Recycling

According to Bloomberg Business, the number of disposable gloves that are used in medical and life s...
Elias W Nov 29, 2017

CST Interns: A Fun and Productive Summer for Future STEM Leaders

The development and testing of new products at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) involves the work of ...
Elias W and Ken B Aug 23, 2017

Sowing the Seeds of Research Success in Developing Countries

Boston is famous for the Red Sox, baked beans, and for having a distinctive accent. What you may not...
Claire S Jul 12, 2017

Eating Local: Community Gardens at Work

The “eat local” trend sprung up in the early 2000s; chances are you’ve seen tote bags promoting “Buy...
Elias W Jun 14, 2017

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