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The official blog of Cell Signaling Technology (CST) where we discuss what to expect from your time at the bench, share tips, tricks, and information.

Four Key Impact Areas for a More Sustainable Lab

Most scientists are driven by a desire to do good. Many enter the field with a dream of curing previ...
Anthony Michetti Apr 5, 2023

Cell Signaling Technology Joins 1% for the Planet

Long before our founder and CEO began producing antibodies for researchers around the globe, he was ...
Chris Sumner Apr 19, 2022

Set Realistic Recycling Goals at Home

While most of us don’t think of it this way, recycling is an old concept. Humans have been creativel...
Chris Sumner May 5, 2021

Seeding Labs Gives Old Lab Equipment a Second Life

As stewards of the planet, we’re always trying to find ways to reduce our corporate carbon footprint...
Chris Sumner Sep 23, 2020

Building a Brighter Future with Energy Savings

CST is proud of our forward progress on UN COP 21 climate change goals as we are well into year thre...
Elias W May 15, 2019

Water Wise in the Lab

It probably comes as no surprise to you, since you work in a lab, that labs use five times the amoun...
Elias W Feb 20, 2019

Earth Month: Conserving Everything but Enthusiasm

Last year we organized a week’s worth of events for Earth Week, culminating with the international M...
Elias W May 30, 2018

Rooftop Solar Comes to CST

Let’s face it, we are an energy-intensive industry. From ultra-low temperature freezers for storing ...
Elias W Feb 28, 2018

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