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Masks and Protective Clothing Needed to Fight Coronavirus: How can we help?

We at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) have been paying close attention to news about the recent and rapid spread of a new form of coronavirus in China. As members of a global organization with many esteemed colleagues in China and all over the world, we are concerned for all who are affected by this terrible respiratory virus and are eager to provide aid to those in need.


With the novel coronavirus infecting thousands in China in a short amount of time, several hospitals in the Hubei province are now struggling to keep up with the need for supplies and have asked for donations from the public. Local medical supplies have run very low and health professionals are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) to contain the spread of infection as they treat patients with the contagious n-coronavirus.

How can we help?

When thinking about how to assist our fellow scientists and all who are dealing with this epidemic, we considered the option to donate medical PPE supplies to help the hospitals in Hubei, China. We researched how we might ensure the right supplies reached those in need and found that, due to an outpouring of worldwide support, the proper PPE supplies are often back ordered now and there are specific regulations regarding the import of these materials. We learned that the most impactful way to help right now is to donate to an experienced non-profit with the resources to provide the most effective support, such as the American Red Cross or Direct Relief.

In addition to efforts specifically to help our team in China, CST will donate $10,000 (USD) to the American Red Cross and will match donations any CST employee personally makes up to $25,000 (USD) towards this cause. In our increasingly interconnected society, we at CST can’t help but feel the link we have with, not only our local communities, but our global ones as well and we strive to support them in as many ways as possible.

We encourage fellow scientists, citizens, and organizations around the world to donate to a reputable non-profit of their choice, such as their regional Red Cross. Medical supplies, including N95 respirators, medical grade protective suits, and protective eyewear can then be provided to organizations in China where the need is greatest. Our colleagues in China are also donating directly to local hospitals and institutes with the most affected patients.

For further information about the most effective types of N95 respirator masks and medical protective clothing that are being provided to China, charitable organizations, and information about the n-coronavirus, please see the links below.

Other Coronavirus Resources:

Medical grade N95 respirators

Guidance on PPE

Direct Relief

American Red Cross

World Health Organization information on n-Coronavirus

CDC Situation Summary on n-Coronavirus

NYTimes article discussing masks and prevention tips

CNN article on the spread of the coronavirus

April L
April L
April Lowell is a PhD molecular biologist and Scientific Marketing Writer at CST. When she's not reading and writing about cool new science topics, she's playing games with her family, baking, or catching up on the latest geek fandom.

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