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Every Day is Earth Day at Cell Signaling Technology

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CSR Sustainability

At CST, we’ve tried to build our business around sustainable practices, always striving for the smallest possible environmental “foot-print.” A lot of it is just common sense as well as good economic sense. It’s about using resources prudently and cutting down on wastes.

Michael Comb, Founder and CEO of Cell Signaling Technology

Here is a list of the top 5 ways that CST acts
to make every day Earth Day...

CSR Greenhouse Management

5. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculations

Working in the biotechnology industry, we are well aware of the substantial GHG emissions required to run our labs. To improve our sustainability efforts, CST has used tools from the EPA to calculate total GHG emissions per year.  This benchmark, alongside careful monitoring of our energy usage has lead to the purchase of more efficient ultra low temperature (-80°C) freezers and improvements to our HVAC infrastructure.

CSR Transportation

4. “Green” Commuting

With a tiered point system to encourage carpooling, bicycling, public transportation and walking, CST employees at our US facilities are rewarded for participating in a “greener” commute.  The ability to earn two bonus “green” holidays or cash cards are strong incentives, but CST employees are equally motivated by the health and environmental benefits of getting to work on two wheels or by foot.

CSR Local Environment

3. Investment in the Local Environment

CST oversees funding to a wide network of environmental organizations and science programs at local public schools. Decisions on our biannual grant applications lie with employee committees who specialize in ecology, education in science or social causes.  We take pride in seeing these groups encourage students to love science and nature with projects like protecting our watersheds or learning about DNA using new K’nex DNA models.

CSR Packaging

2. Responsible Packaging of our Products

Styrofoam is so last millennium. Our antibody products are shipped out in a “bio-cooler” made from recycled cardboard, rock slag wool and biodegradable plastic. Not only will your products arrive safely, but you can also be sure we won’t be filling up the landfills.

And the number 1 way...

CST Employees

1. Engaged Employees

CST employees are passionate about the outdoors. Our employee- lead “Green Committee” has helped shape a corporate culture that balances sustainability with science. The lobby of our main US facility houses a lush indoor rainforest complete with water trickling over the rocks and over 60 species of tropical plants. Without this love for the natural world our environmental programs wouldn’t be where they are today.

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