Mastering Phospho-Flow: Immune Cell Activation Webinar

Posted by Chris S on Jul 11, 2018 3:15:00 AM

To characterize activation of immune cells, measurement of intracellular signaling using phospho-specific antibodies combined with immune phenotyping using surface markers is ideal. Owing to the unique capability of flow cytometry to measure events at a single-cell level, “Phospho Flow” allows for the identification of rare signaling events during processes such as co-stimulatory signaling and manipulation of checkpoint inhibition. However, combining extracellular and intracellular antibodies in a flow protocol can present technical challenges. 

Topics in this presentation include:
  • How small protocol changes can impact flow cytometry results;
  • Examples of flow protocol optimization using phospho-specific antibody panels for T cell activation and innate immunity; 
  • Guidance on experimental design for combining phenotypic markers with phospho-specific intracellular targets;
  • Discussion on the use of fix-and-perm kits.

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Topics: Protocols, Flow

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