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What Assay Should You Be For Halloween?



On this day of ghosts, ghouls, and other scary things, we got to thinking about how we would respond in the event of a zombie apocalypse (ok, we may have watched a few too many scary movies while waiting for the confocal). Would you grab medicine and food for sustenance? Maybe you think offense is better than defense and go straight for the weapons … Or, perhaps you run immediately for the lab to maintain your 6-year old (and counting) thesis experiment?

Our latest Personality Quiz suggests that your gut reaction to a zombie attack reveals a lot about your personality. Specifically, how your personality relates to one of our favorite scientific assays. Is the western blot your spirit assay? Or maybe you’re the more colorful immunofluorescence experiment? Take our short quiz to find out which antibody-based scientific assay best describes your personality: Western Blot, IHC, IF, Flow Cytometry, ChIP, or ELISA.

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