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Need Better ChIP results? Use Enzymatic Digestion

The success or failure of a chromatin immunprecipitation (ChIP) experiment is highly dependent on the integrity of both the chromatin and the protein epitope, so your method of chromatin preparation can have a significant impact on the quality of your results.

ChIP Infographic

Using enzymatic digestion to prepare your chromatin can improve your ChIP protocol, but proper controls and highly specific antibodies are also important. Subscribe and stay tuned to our next post, which will describe other elements that contribute to a successful ChIP experiment.

Want a copy of this infographic for your lab bench? We can send you a high-quality poster, if you'd like, or you can download it now and print it yourself. . . the choice is yours.

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Carolyn P
Carolyn P
Carolyn manages the Science Writing Team at CST.

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