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Protect Your Project: Ensure You Can Get the Antibodies You Need to Keep Moving Forward

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It seems that nearly every industry is still suffering from supply chain disruptions that began during the COVID-19 pandemic. From building materials, to car parts, to lab consumables, everyone is experiencing the effects, and often finding that the products they need are simply not available or can’t be delivered on time.  

That's why at CST, we produce the majority of our antibodies in-house. This means that more than 99.5% of our products are available for immediate global shipment from our US warehouse. This means that: 

  • In the US, over 96% of orders received by 7:30 pm EST are delivered the next business day.
  • In the EU, over 98% of in-stock products* are delivered the next business day.

Antibodies You Can Trust to Work in Your Assay—and to Keep Working

Selecting the correct antibody for a project is one of the most important parts of experimental design. Not only is it critical to select an antibody that is sufficiently specific, sensitive, and validated to the application being used, but ensuring consistent, reproducible results also means your antibody needs to be available throughout your entire project. If your antibody becomes unavailable, key experiments aimed at moving your project forward can be delayed, endangering timelines for your publication or therapeutic pipeline.

CST produces over 95% of antibodies in-house.

CST produces over 95% of antibodies in-house. That means we have exceptional control over production, validation, and fulfillment. All antibodies undergo rigorous, in-house application-specific validation testing using our Hallmarks of Antibody Validation™ strategies, which are customized according to the biology of the target and requirements of the downstream assay. 

When you choose CST, you can be confident that not only will your product work, but it will be available for the duration of your project as well. Control over our entire supply chain results in our ability to get you the products you need, as soon as you need them.

For additional assurance that critical reagents will be on hand throughout the duration of your project, CST offers bulk antibody and reagent orders, bulk ELISA kits and single-lot antibody and reagent reservations.

We’re Here to Help

We’ve all tolerated enough uncertainty in our lives and our work lately. Choose your critical reagents from suppliers who can get you what you need, when you need them. If you’re having difficulty getting the antibodies and reagents you require, get in touch with us. We’re answering the phones (and emails) and we’ll do everything we can to help you keep your project moving forward.

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*70% of CST products are stocked in the EU warehouse. Non-stocked items are available for immediate shipment from the US warehouse.


Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson advances manufacturing and distribution for all CST products. He leads customer service, supply chain management, lab operations, and facilities management. He also oversees environmental protection, occupational health, safety procedures, and quality systems.

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